About Us

We all love different accessories from time-to-time, then no matter whether it would be a watch, a handbag or something else. There are hundreds of thousands of such things which keep us attracted all the time. We all want to have them with us but because of not knowing exactly how to get the hold of them will result in ending up paying much more. But this is where only with such a vision on bringing the best products; we bring up our online shop – Brand99.Co – for you.

Brand99 is an e-Commerce arm of G2One Network (An Internet Media Company) which brings different watches, handbags, clutches, shoes, clothing and lots more from the world of fashion near you. Each of our offering is unique and trendy and will makes a perfect fit for you. You can avail our exclusive deals via our store online, through our Facebook page, as well as our partner stores.

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